How to File a Small Claims Case

Authored By: Colorado Legal Services


Do you know the proper procedure and court forms to fill out while preparing your Small Claims Case? Click here to watch a Small Claims Clinic video to learn more about how to generate your case, properly serve the other party and present your claim in court.

Click here for a transcript of the video to complement the resource.

The Small Claims Handbook: A Guide for Non-Lawyer (click here) is also a helpful reference (please note - this resource is out for review - check back for an updated version).

You can also complete the forms you will need to file a Small Claims case online (you will have to print them out and take them to the court) - click here for the forms on the state court website.

If you live in Adams or Jefferson counties you can use the Colorado Judicial Branch ICCES program here to complete and file your forms.


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Last Review and Update: Jan 03, 2011