How to Complain about Your Bank

Have an Issue with your Bank?

If you have a problem of any kind with your bank concerning a check, a mortgage payment, interest, a statement error, or anything else, the first thing to do is to talk with a bank officer and see if it can be resolved. Don't delay. There are time limits for filing some complaints.

Banks are usually very sensitive to customer relations. If you've never talked to a banker one-on-one you might be pleasantly surprised at the tone of your meeting. If having a meeting with your bank officer doesn't take care of the issue, you're facing some paperwork.

OK, so you and your banker don't agree? Now what? Well, the next step is to write out a careful account of the problem, the full formal name and street address of your bank, the name and telephone number of the officer you spoke with, and the date and result of your meeting. Be as calm and objective as you can.

Along with this, pull together any notes you've made along the way and all bank statements, correspondence, and other paperwork which may help to explain the situation and the steps you've taken to try to work it out. All this material is 'Your File'. If you are ever asked to deliver any part of 'Your File' to anybody else, DO NOT release your own documents. Send copies, and be sure to keep a copy of everything for yourself, especially including your transmittal letter.

Now you need to find out where and how to file your complaint. Ask your banker which federal or state agency the supervising authority for your bank is...

or call one of these numbers:

Federal Reserve Consumer Help

Colorado Banking Division

Give the full formal name of your bank and say you have a complaint to file.

You'll then likely be referred to one of these agencies - click on the name of the agency which is the supervising authority of your bank below:

When you know the right agency you can call it, or find the information you need online. Click on the word "Complaint" or "Customer" on whatever website you visit. Eventually you'll have a telephone number or website for the directions, and paperwork for filing your complaint. Again, be sure to keep copies of everything you send. And once you've filed, try to be patient. It may take time for your case to be processed.

Find more information at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - click here.



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Last Review and Update: Aug 25, 2017