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  • Denver Indian Family Resource Center (DIFRC)

    Denver Indian Family Resource Center was created to assist American Indian children and families in the metropolitan Denver area with child welfare issues. Our goal is to assist families to avoid involvement with the child welfare system. Where families have already encountered child abuse or neglect charges, we advocate for active efforts toward family reunification following the standards of the Indian Child Welfare Act. We provide culturally appropriate services and intensive case management using a strengths-based and empowerment-oriented approach. Content Detail

    Denver Indian Family Resource Center
  • Do you qualify for free or low-cost prescriptions?

    Explains the availability of free or low-cost prescriptions to low-income persons. Most programs require a physician's letter and/or completion of the company form. Read through all of the information on the site carefully and consult with a family member, colleague or attorney if needed. Content Detail

  • Health care for American Indians and Alaska Natives

    American Indian and Alaska Native women can take steps to protect and improve their personal health. Knowing your risks gives you power. By reading about health conditions common in American Indian and Alaska Native women, you?ll know what tests to ask your doctor about. Content Detail

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Indian Health Service
  • Health Care Locations from Indian (Native American) Health Service

    Find an Indian (Native American) Health Service facility near you. Content Detail

    U.S Department of Health & Human Services, Indian Health Service
  • Health Care Services Available

    DIHFS provides health care services and a more comprehensive Center for Wellness. Services promote and support individual and family health and well-being through Outreach and Referral, Health Education, Women’s Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Emergency Assistance, Indian Child Welfare Program, HIV/AIDS, and case management. Read More

    Denver Indian Health and Family Services
  • Health Program for Native Americans and Alaska Natives

    This website includes a listing of offices in your area, a list of medical programs available and more information. Content Detail

    Indian Health Service
  • Health Services for Denver Residents

    Provides services (medical, diabetes, counseling, victim services, and community health) for members of Federally Recognized Tribes who reside in the Denver metropolitan area. Documentation is required. Content Detail

    Denver Indian Health & Family Services, Inc.
  • Justice Corps Colorado Springs

    Staffed by volunteers, the program's purpose is to supplement help provided in the El Paso County Combined Courthouse Self Help Center for the public, by helping you gain access to resources you need to answer questions regarding family law and other civil matters (not criminal). Read More

    Justice Corps Colorado Springs
  • Native Elder Health Care Resource Center

    National resource center located in Denver, CO for older American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians, with special emphasis on culturally competent health care. Content Detail

    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
  • Office of Dispute Resolution

    The ODR exists to establish and make available conflict resolution programs and services within the Colorado Judicial Branch. Content Detail

    Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Preexisting Conditions and Health Insurance

    Information about preexisting conditions. Content Detail

  • Representing Yourself in Court

    An introduction for people who are appearing in court without an attorney. Content Detail

    Colorado Judicial Branch - Pro Se and Customer Service Committees
  • Services for Native American Children, Adolescents, Couples, and Adults

    Native American Counseling provides services including individual counseling for Native American adults, adolescents and children; family therapy; group counseling; psychological testing; child custody evaluations; intensive family treatment for families in need, expert witness testimony; and cross-cultural consultation. NAC operates on a sliding scale fee basis. Content Detail

    Native American Counseling
  • University of Colorado Health Sciences American Indian and Alaska Native Programs

    The mission of the American Indian and Alaska Native Programs (AIANP) is to promote the health and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives, of all ages, by pursuing research, training, continuing education, technical assistance, and information dissemination within a biopsychosocial framework that recognizes the unique cultural contexts of this special population. Content Detail

    University of Colorado Health Sciences