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  • Help with Prescription Drug Costs

    This tells how to get extra help with your prescription drug costs. Social Security will need to know your income, value of your savings, investments and real estate (other than your home). Content Detail

    Social Security and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Insurance to Supplement Medicare

    If you want to stay in original Medicare, you may want to look into your options for supplemental coverage. Without such coverage, your out-of-pocket costs could be high if you require medical care. Supplemental insurance helps pay the deductibles and coinsurance costs that original Medicare does not cover. Content Detail

    Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Medicare Information and Help

    This group provides education, advocacy, and legal assistance to help elders and people with disabilities obtain necessary healthcare, focusing on the needs of Medicare beneficiaries, people with chronic conditions, and those in need of long-term care. The organization is involved in writing, education, and litigation activities of importance to Medicare beneficiaries nationwide. Content Detail

    The Center for Medicare Advocacy
  • Medicare Rights Center

    Medicare Rights Center helps older adults and people with disabilities get high-quality, affordable health care. Content Detail

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  • Medicare Telephone Scams

    To protect yourself against Medicare scams, remember that no one can ask you for personal information during marketing activities. If you have a question or concern regarding Medicare, call 1-877-7SAFERX (1-877-772-3379.) Open this document for more information. Content Detail

    Office of Denver District Attorney and CASE Partnership
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  • What is an Administrative Hearing and How Does it Work?

    This website has information about administrative hearings, including a guide explaining what a hearing is like, where your hearing will be located, whether or not you can appeal a decision, and more. Content Detail

    The Non-Lawyer's Guide to Administrative Hearings, Colorado Division of Administrative Hearings
  • Use this tool to Find out Where to Apply for Benefits

    If you aren't sure where to go in your geographic location in Colorado, you can use this tool to help you find out where to go to apply for benefits. Content Detail

    Colorado Department of Healthcare and Financing