Unfair Sales Practices and Consumer Fraud

Self Help Legal Info

  • Be a Better Buyer - Better Business Bureau

    Increase your chances of having a positive purchase outcome. Remember to always check with the BBB first -- it's just good business. Content Detail

    Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau
  • Colorado Courts at a Glance

    Provides an overview of Colorado's state courts and the justice system in order to help you better understand how the courts function and what rights you have in the courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Consumer Protection Information for Seniors

    The purpose of this resource is to help Seniors learn the red flags of fraud; recognize when someone is trying to victimize them; learn when to say "no" and close the door or hang up the phone; know how to report fraud to the appropriate agencies; and empower the consumer. (Chapter 11 of The Senior Law Handbook is a project of the Colorado Bar Association's Elder Law and Trust and Estate Section.) Scroll to 11 - on the webpage. Content Detail

    Colorado Bar Association - Senior Law Handbook
  • Court Fees

    Filing fees and costs in Colorado state courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • How to Spot Health Fraud

    Tip-offs to being ripped off if you buy certain health-related products. Content Detail

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Information, Education and Resources for Seniors

    Information about benefits for seniors, caregiving, health, prescription drugs, social security, senior answers and services, Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, patient rights and much more. Content Detail

    Colorado Gerontological Society and Senior Answers and Services
  • Power Against Fraud Handbook

    Test your fraud IQ. Learn about the warning signs of all types of fraud and preventative measures to reduce your risk. Content Detail

    CASE Partnership - Judicial District Attorney's Office
  • Protect Yourself as a Consumer

    Consumer information on topics such as abusive lending, credit issues, privacy, seniors' issues and much more. Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Request that the Court Waive Your Filing Fees

    This links to the instructions and forms on the Colorado Judicial (courts) site regarding how to complete the information you need to ask the courts to waive your filing fees. Content Detail

    Colorado Legal Services
  • Scams

    Information about the countless ways con artists try to scam people - lenders, credit reports, staged car accidents, phony Medicare drug discount cards, sweepstakes, wire transfers. Be informed. Content Detail

  • Car Buying Tips

    This website will help you think through your car purchase decision and will provide an understanding of what your obligations and rights are as a car owner. Content Detail

    Colorado Auto Industry Division
  • Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights and Adult Protection

    This site has information about educational training, publications, videos, abuse, fraud-scams & alerts, aging resources and partners. Content Detail

    Colorado Non-Profit Development Center
  • Credit File Security Freeze

    Any US Citizen can put a security freeze on their credit reports. A freeze means your file can't be shared with potential creditors which can help prevent identity theft. If your files are frozen, even someone who has your name and Social Security number will not be able to get credit in your name. Content Detail

    Office of Denver District Attorney and CASE Partnership
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  • When do you have to give your Social Security Number?

    You do not have to give your social security number to any merchant who asks you for it. Please read this resource to learn what to do when you are asked for your social security number . Content Detail

    Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  • Colorado Dept. of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)

    DORA is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the marketplace and is committed to promoting a fair and competitive business environment in Colorado. Content Detail