Debt Collection, Garnishment and Repossession

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  • Consumer Rights in Bankruptcy, Debt and Garnishment Issues

    This packet has information regarding consumer rights for different types of debt, collection agencies, and bankruptcy. It explains garnishment laws and has a list of organizations that may be able to help you file a complaint against creditors. (Last updated Jan. 2017) Content Detail

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  • Repossession Time Line and FAQs

    Instructions to follow if you are late in payments, including what your creditor(s) has a right to do. This resource has frequently asked questions addressing the repossession of a vehicle and other general information about debts. Content Detail

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  • What to do When you Can't Pay Debts

    This resource describes consumer rights and what creditors are not allowed to do when collecting a debt. Additional topics include, the inability to pay your bills or work out a payment plan, the court process, protecting your assets and help getting your bills under control. Content Detail

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  • Colorado Collection Agency Board

    Provides consumers with information about their rights and restricts the ways collection agencies can attempt to collect debts. Content Detail

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  • Do It Yourself Legal Help

    The Denver Bar Association offers pro se (do-it-yourself) litigant clinics on the subjects of Bankruptcy, Divorce, Small Claims, Collections, and more. These clinics assist in understanding the legal processes and forms. They do not provide explicit legal advice nor will they directly assist in completing forms. The clinics are informational only and NOT legal advice. Content Detail

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  • Are you a Victim of Domestic Violence or Stalking In Colorado

    If you're a victim of domestic violence or stalking, you may have questions about your rights. This fact sheet explains your rights as an employee, a debtor, and a tenant who has been a victim of domestic violence or stalking, and provides a sample letter to send to a landlord if you need to leave your residence because of domestic violence. Read More

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  • Request that the Court Waive Your Filing Fees

    This links to the instructions and forms on the Colorado Judicial (courts) site regarding how to complete the information you need to ask the courts to waive your filing fees. Content Detail

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