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  • Colorado Courts at a Glance

    Provides an overview of Colorado's state courts and the justice system in order to help you better understand how the courts function and what rights you have in the courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Court Fees

    Filing fees and costs in Colorado state courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Credit Counseling

    This group offers help to individuals and families in preventing and resolving financial problems and in learning money management skills. Formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northern Colorado. Content Detail

    Green Path
  • Credit Counseling (Free and Low Cost)

    This group helps individuals and families with their financial concerns. They find alternatives to filing for bankruptcy and educate the public in the areas of budgeting and the wise use of credit. (They are a no fee or low fee organization depending on what services you need.) Content Detail

    Money Management International
  • Obtain your Free Credit Report

    A new federal law provides for access to free reports for individuals in all states through You can obtain your credit report three times annually once from each of the 3 major credit bureaus. Read More

  • Credit File Security Freeze

    Any US Citizen can put a security freeze on their credit reports. A freeze means your file can't be shared with potential creditors which can help prevent identity theft. If your files are frozen, even someone who has your name and Social Security number will not be able to get credit in your name. Content Detail

    Office of Denver District Attorney and CASE Partnership
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  • Filing Consumer Complaints

    The FTC has a Consumer Complaint Assistant to help you with your questions and help you file a complaint against a company. Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Need Help Managing Your Debt?

    Provides help to people dealing with stressful financial situations. Content Detail

    National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  • Protect Yourself as a Consumer

    Consumer information on topics such as abusive lending, credit issues, privacy, seniors' issues and much more. Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Credit and Debt

    This site has information about credit card fraud, bankruptcy, credit reports, debit cards, pay day loans, check cashing, and managing your money. Content Detail

  • Credit vs. Debit: Which should you use?

    Credit cards and debit cards allow you to pay for things using two very different financial tools, learn more about functions of both. Content Detail

    National Consumer Law Center
  • Office of Dispute Resolution

    If you have a legal dispute, the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) may be able to help. This link will take you to their homepage. The ODR exists to establish and make available dispute resolution programs and services within the Colorado Judicial Branch. Content Detail

    Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Request that the Court Waive Your Filing Fees

    This links to the instructions and forms on the Colorado Judicial (courts) site regarding how to complete the information you need to ask the courts to waive your filing fees. Content Detail

    Colorado Legal Services
  • Talk with a Lawyer on Law Line 9

    An advice line providing brief direction on legal problems. Read More

    Channel 9 News in Denver, Colorado
  • Representing Yourself in Court

    An introduction for people who are appearing in court without an attorney. Content Detail

    Colorado Judicial Branch - Pro Se and Customer Service Committees