Complete Court Forms, Assemble Letters and Get Additional Information

Complete court forms, get help writing letters advocating your cause, or get more info about your legal topic.

Complete a Filing Fee Waiver Request

  • Ask Court to Waive Your Filing Fees (click here, go to the green button "Get Started") - updated August 2017

Family Law

  • Complete forms for divorce, no children, no disputes (property or otherwise) - click here, go to the green button "Get Started" - updated October 2017
  • Request Adult Name Change - no felow (click here and go to the green button "Get Started") - updated October 2017

Get Information and Assemble Letters

Health and Benefits

Consumer Law


Information and Instructions about the Interviews Above

What is this?

  • The above serves three purposes:
  1. Online interviews collect information about you to fill out court forms. These are official CO State Judicial Branch forms. You can print them out and file them with the Court.
  2. Some interviews above help you write a draft letter to advocate regarding access to benefits and address specific legal issues.
  3. Some interviews provide information about specific areas of law.

How does this work?

  • When you click on the links above to start an interview, a new website pops up - click on the green button "Get Started"
  • You might get interrupted while completing a form! That's OK - before you start, set up an account under "Sign Up". It's on the same screen w/ the "Get Started" button on it. Jot down your username and password, store it in a safe place. Use it when you return to complete the form. Click on "Log In" and enter your Username and Password when you return.
  • Required fields on the form are in red. Otherwise the fields are not required, but answer as much information as you can.
  • Once you are done and click on "Submit" at the end, click on Word or PDF to choose the type of document you need. You'll get an electronic doc of forms with the information provided.

Can I save my answers?

  • Yes! Under "Sign In" before you begin, complete all fields and submit them. Do this if you won't have enough time to finish the interview, or if you're not sure you'll have all paperwork or information needed to complete a form.
  • If you don't create an account and save your work, you'll have to start over if you find an error after you've saved or printed the formor want to come back later.
  • Your saved answers are kept private. Use your saved answers complete more than one form if needed. If you save your answers, you can delete them once you have all the forms you need.
  • If you can't print from the computer you are using, create an account, complete the form, save your answers, then log in from another computer.
  • When you return to the interview and load your saved answers, you can jump back to any point of the interview.