Rights of Persons w/ Disabilities

Self Help Legal Info

  • Colorado Courts at a Glance

    Provides an overview of Colorado's state courts and the justice system in order to help you better understand how the courts function and what rights you have in the courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Court Fees

    Filing fees and costs in Colorado state courts. Content Detail

    State of Colorado Judicial Branch
  • Due Process: Information for People with Disabilities

    This interactive training will define Due Process, and how it can apply to people with disabilities. We will provide several examples of your Due Process rights. This training has sound, so be sure to turn on your computer speakers. Read More

    Colorado Legal Services
  • Greeley Center for Independence (GCI)

    GCI provides places of growth, transition and encouragement where people with temporary and permanent disabilities can reach toward their maximum potential of personal independence and wellness. Content Detail

  • How to File a Charge with the EEOC

    If you believe you have been discriminated against by an employer, labor union or employment agency when applying for a job or while on the job because of your race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability, you may have grounds to file a charge of discrimination. Content Detail

    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Information for People with Disabilities

    This page features several resources for people with disabilities, including information about appeals, fair housing, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and information about finding advocates in your area. Read More

    Colorado Legal Services
  • Job Accomodations for People with Mental Illness PDF

    Content Detail

    Project T.R.A.I.N. - Opportunities for People with Disabilities
  • Justice Corps Colorado Springs

    Staffed by volunteers, the purpose of this program is to supplement the help provided in the Self Help Center of the El Paso County Combined Courthouse for the public in the Pikes Peak region, by helping you gain access to the resources you need to answer your questions regarding family law and other civil matters (not criminal). Read More

    Justice Corps Colorado Springs
  • Services that Help Individuals with Disabilities in Getting and Staying Employed PDF

    The Consumer Navigator role supports individuals with disabilities in receiving the appropriate services in order to obtain and maintain employment while also building collaboration in the local community among service providers. (You must have Acrobat Reader to pull up this document. Scroll down this page and click on the Acrobat Reader icon to download.) Content Detail

    Colorado Legal Services
  • Southwest Center for Independence

    Offers housing resources for people that have disabilities, also provides advocacy and legal resources, peer support, independent living-skills and support for visually-impaired and blind seniors. Read More

  • What is Title VI of the Civil Rights Act?

    Your rights concerning discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. (This is a very legal-like website, harder to understand.) Content Detail

    US Department of Labor
  • Benefits for Children with Disabilities (Social Security)

    This booklet is written for the parents and caregivers of children with disabilities and adults disabled since childhood. It describes the kinds of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits a child with a disability might be eligible for and explains how they evaluate disability claims for children. Content Detail

    Social Security Administration
  • Disabled Resource Services

    This center assists persons with disabilities in Jackson and Larimer County achieve their maximum level of independence. Services are provided in the areas of advocacy, awareness and access. Content Detail

  • Health insurance for Seniors and people with disabilities

    Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 years of age and older, some disabled people under 65 years of age, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure treated with dialysis or a transplant). Content Detail

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
  • Help with Securing Funding for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices through Medicare, State Medical Assistance Programs or Private Insurance

    If you need access to technology that helps with communication barriers, this information is designed to walk you through the funding process, and provide you with the information and forms you need to start the process. (CLS does not support one particular supplier of product, only help facilitate the process of fair access to help and equipment.) Content Detail

    Funding Department, DynaVox